Monday, March 28, 2011

Surprise Grady!

Yesterday we took a day trip to the Children's Museum at Indianapolis. It was well worth the trip. We were there looking at dinosaurs alone for 2 and a half hours before we ever looked at the clock. I would reccommend a visit to anyone with curious kids.

I held out one little piece of info from Grady about the museum. They recently put the Bumblebee Transformer in the Welcome area. As soon as you came in, you not only saw two giant dinosaurs peeking in the roof, you saw one of the 'stars' of the Transformer movies on a rotating platform. It's size was something else! Of course, my little man was left open-mouth stunned!

I would add more pictures, but for some reason I cannot get pictures to upload on Blogger very quickly. If you have a free day and a kid that would love to see all that this place has to offer, I would say GO!! Maybe a weekday though, the place was packed on Sunday!

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